Singing isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. I have a no nonsense approach thats guaranteed to give you results and helps you understand your voice a little more intimately with each session. Singing becomes easier and more intuitive, you leave feeling like you have a plan and know exactly what to practice, and your authenticity as a performer gradually becomes more accessible as your technical capacity increases. If you’re already a working professional, I give you the tools you need to make sure your instrument is consistent and sustainable from night to night.

Everything I do is completely backed up by the latest in voice science research, but I only focus on what is absolutely necessary for you to know as a performer. You leave with exercises tailor made to improv range, stamina, pitch, and tone quality. Sessions are customized to your particular career goals and interests, so you don’t waste time working on material or styles of singing that you aren’t interested in (I don’t believe in one size fits all, or classical first). The technique I teach you is designed to improve vocal freedom and function, so you’re working towards a technique that is eventually “invisible” and won’t make you sound like anyone else (but will make you sound industry viable and like the best version of yourself). I specialize in helping singers find what is unique and special about their instrument, and I can teach all styles including Pop, Rock, Folk, Country, Belt and Legit Music Theater, and Opera. As a professional pianist I’m able to give you top notch accompaniment in every lesson to help you apply new concepts to rep immediately.

It’s possible to sing your whole life and improve very little. It’s also possible, through targeted practice and the learning of key vocal concepts, to grow exponentially from wherever “talent” has placed you. Please fill out the below form and submit for an initial consult.

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