Vocal coaching is a different beast from voice lessons. I only vocal coach professionals wth established or well-in-the-works technique. Perhaps you have a voice teacher you’re already incredibly happy with? Terrific. As an expert sight read and Meisner trained actor I can help bring your performances to life. I’m able to allow you to “put the whole package together”, so to speak, if you’re preparing for an audition or professional role. I happily collaborate with other voice teachers in these situations to support you and your professional success.

Additionally, I can coach you on finding a good cut, guide you in song selection based on your type, and provide notes on style and musicality. You’ll leave knowing how to talk to an accompanist effectively, and with professional practice tracks of whatever you’re working on.

Need someone for a cabaret, showcase, or other public performance? I can show up with an Ipad loaded with all your tunes and you can have the confidence of knowing we are both on exactly the same page (albeit digitally). Prices are quoted per gig and vary.

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