Transform your voice into an essential tool for your success. Learn to cultivate an authentic style of communicating with industry leaders and colleagues. Identity and connect to what moves you and inspires others.  

The ability to harness your unique power of speech doesn’t just happen by accident. It comes through consistent and creative work that targets areas where improvement will be the most effective. Using my approach, you will begin to feel like a more vibrant, impactful version of yourself in all your interactions. You will start to articulate your ideas more clearly, and inspire others more readily because of a deeper connection to your body and voice

Jacob Thomas Carr is a NY-based coach who has worked with award-winning Broadway leads and business executives alike. He has a Bachelors of Music with a focus in Vocal Studies and is a graduate of the prestigious Esper Studio two-year professional actor program. Jacob has completed post-graduate training at the Shenandoah Conservatory in Somatic Voicework, New York Vocal Coaching’s teaching certification, and has 400+ hours of movement-based training with a background in Alexander Technique. His coaching approach is holistic yet targeted, drawing from his broad background and tailored to clients’ individual needs. 

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Training typically takes place at Ripley-Grier performance studios in Midtown, New York City, although location is negotiable. An initial hour-long diagnostic consultation is $150. Subsequent packages are tailored to your needs, and include topics such as physical presence, clarity, posture, projection, and resonance.