Do you know where true confidence comes from? I think it starts with knowing how to do something well, and then being able to flawlessly replicate it over and over. 

Those who sing professionally are usually expected to deliver consistent performances, sometimes six nights a week. Whether you are in an audition room, on a stage in front of thousands of people, or just singing for fun in an intimate cabaret space, no one likes the experience of doubting their own success before they even go on. 

Do you feel like you have the freedom to fully express yourself, without worrying about how you sound? What about the stamina to perform day after day without feeling exhausted or hoarse? Do you often get to experience the joy that comes from moving an audience to tears or laughter?

These things don’t just happen by accident (well, they do sometimes, but usually not consistently). We all intuitively know that hard work and practice are required be our best, but many times figuring out how to actually improve can feel like an ambiguous and overwhelming task. Perhaps you know exactly what you struggle with and would like to change about your voice, but you just don’t know what to actually do to get better? Or maybe you feel that you've been successful and seen improvement in the past, but that you've stagnated or simply want to try something new and are not sure where to start? Or you may be someone who has already achieved a lot of mastery as a performer, but you want to make sure you are singing in a way that is healthy and sustainable so you can have a lasting career. Whatever your specific goals, what voice teachers or coaches you choose to work with will undoubtedly have quite an impact on your success. You can practice hours on end, but if you’re practicing something that isn’t helpful, that promotes unnecessary tension in the body, or disconnects you from your audience, or simply reinforces what you already do well, you aren’t going to improve. You may, in fact, get worse. 

I’ve been there. I've dealt with the frustration of feeling like I've hit a wall, but I've also experienced the joy that comes with breaking down those obstacles and making new discoveries. It motivated me to seek out as much knowledge from the best teachers and performers in the industry about how the voice works and how we can learn the skills necessary to not just expand technical ability, but also develop artistic nuance as well.  I’ve worked for thousands of hours as a singer, student, accompanist, music director, and actor. I've devoured literature on the physiology of learning, the psychology of communication, and the craft required to make something come alive in performance. My work comes from a holistic place, encouraging creativity with simple and easy acting exercises, vocal freedom with specific singing warm ups, and physical dexterity with various poses and movements. I believe 

If something I said resonates with you, and a judgement free yet challenging learning environment sounds appealing, I hope you'll contact me. I'd love to work with you!