Singers in the commercial and theater worlds have to be able to rely on their voice when it really counts. It needs to be strong, expressive, and able to withstand the rigors of performance on a daily basis. Like any professional, you have to excel at a high level consistently. This requires focus in the moment and an intimate understanding of one’s physical abilities. Your success depends on it; so why leave it up to chance?

Athletes have coaches. Businesses have consultants. Artists have mentors. The contemporary vocalist needs the artistic feedback, technical understanding, and attention to detail that only a voice technician can provide. Like a personal trainer for your voice, you need someone to tailor exercises specifically to your needs and help you make adjustments in the moment to keep your singing healthy and sustainable. You want honest feedback from someone who has a clear vision for the next step in your development, with the ears and experience to keep you on the right track.  

Practice doesn’t make perfect if you’re practicing the wrong thing or the wrong way. I take into consideration the whole singer - body and mind, emotion and intellect. Change doesn't happen in a vacuum. My focus is on habit formation, both mental and physical. If you want to change what you are, change what you do. To change what you do, change how you think. I work to free you, the artist, from technical limitations, because I understand that creative impulse and vocal ability are inextricably linked. My unique background as a pianist, singer, actor, music director, and lifelong teacher inform my work every step of the way. 

I’m passionate about your success. I'd love to work with you!   

Jacob Thomas Carr is a New York based vocal coach, and he suffers from a lifelong obsession with trying to understand every nuance of the human voice and how we use it to communicate. Collaborations as a music director have included working  with Tony Award Winner Ben Vereen, as well as former Billy Elliot resident choreographer Greg Graham, and Cash Money Record's Karine Hannah. He regularly works as an accompanist for Broadway pros, and has played piano for much longer than he'd like to admit. He also has extensive experience working in  education and has been part of the voice teaching faculty at Sam Houston State University, as well as a teaching artist in numerous children's and pre professional theaters in New York and Houston. He holds a B.M. in Music Theory/Composition from Sam Houston State University, Magnum Cum Laude. Continuing education includes completing Levels I, II, and III in Somatic Voicework the Lovetri Method, New York Vocal Coaching's 40 Hour Teacher Certification, and The Esper Studio Two Year professional acting program under the instruction of William Esper. He owes everything to the incredible teachers he's been fortunate to find over the years, and hopes to pass on some of that knowledge to everyone he works with. In an earlier life he trained horses using various natural horsemanship techniques, and one day hopes to renovate an airstream trailer and travel to every national park in America.